Our vision & culture

Clearwater Capital Management, LLC DBA Clearwater Capital Advisors (“Clearwater”) is a New York-based client-centric investment and advisory firm rooted in operational excellence prioritizing the needs of our clients to get ahead of their questions and exceed expectations. At Clearwater, we take pride in providing clients with the meaningful insight they desire to execute real estate transactions with confidence. We understand the critical role we play in clients’ success, taking our role incredibly seriously. We approach each transaction through the lens of the owner, operator, investor, or developer to ensure alignment with our clients.

At Clearwater, we build long-term careers by investing in you. We seek to create an environment that cultivates your professional development and personal growth, as we believe your success is our success. We look for experienced professionals with a passion for excellence who believe in the power of the team, integrity, and leadership.

No matter your role, we strive to provide opportunities for our employees to continue learning and developing throughout their time at Clearwater. In an industry that is constantly evolving, we recognize there are many paths to success. We are determined to provide the best experiences, tools, and learning opportunities to develop the next generation of innovative leaders. Some of our programs include our Mentorship Program, Employee Resource Groups, and a variety of In-Person and Online Training taught by subject matter experts and industry leaders.

Creating value is just as much about making a positive impact on our communities. We look to make an impact not only through our investments but by giving back to our communities. Our global volunteer and wealth sharing programs support Clearwater professionals as they work to improve the communities where we live, work and invest.

Our Core Values



At Clearwater, while we strongly believe in collaboration and that having a communal space to work is beneficial for ideation, career progression, and moving the business forward, we also recognize the importance of flexibility and promote a remote-first work environment.

All that said, Clearwater’s HQ is located in New York. Still, our reach extends far beyond New York, including our expansion into dynamic markets such as Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Raleigh, Scottsdale, Seattle, and Washington D.C.


At Clearwater, we seek individuals who have strong interpersonal skills with a track record of closing new business coupled with their passion for real estate finance.

We look to hire experienced and polished capital advisors and support staff alike and compensate them accordingly. At Clearwater, we empower you to approach each opportunity as if it were your own business allowing us to play a supporting role as your deal flow and revenue share continue to grow.


Our leadership team is comprised of former asset managers, bankers, real estate lenders, and investors and as such, they are incredibly focused on participating in every transaction either actively or passively, including financial modeling, investment memos, client meetings, site tours, and more. 

Our leadership team puts client relationships first and understands the value of staying close to the deal while allowing team members full autonomy, helping contribute to personal and professional development.