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We specialize in loan workouts and restructuring commercial real estate debt.

Clearwater excels in assisting property owners in renegotiating their financial commitments with existing creditors. Navigating the nuances of loan restructuring in the ever-changing and intricate world of capital markets can be challenging. Even for those experienced in the real estate industry, efficiently managing loan restructuring processes often requires specialized resources that many property owners may not possess.

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Loan Restructuring Services

Loan Modifications

Our expertise encompasses modifying current mortgage agreements to provide relief to borrowers, particularly in times of financial hardship or amidst fluctuating property market values. Additionally, we facilitate the release of properties from loan obligations once borrowers complete their payment responsibilities or satisfy certain lender requirements.

Escrow Relief

We provide interim measures to assist borrowers with escrow responsibilities, especially during financial difficulties or market instabilities. Our services may include lowering, deferring, or waiving specific escrow payments, helping property owners navigate challenging financial situations with more ease.

Maturity Extension

Our services include extending the term of existing loans, offering borrowers additional time to repay. This is particularly advantageous in situations where refinancing or selling the property prior to the original loan's maturity proves difficult, aiding in preventing defaults and preserving constructive lender-borrower relations.

Prepayment Modification

We specialize in modifying the terms for early loan repayment. These adjustments can involve alterations in prepayment penalties, lockout periods, or revising yield maintenance calculations, thus providing borrowers with greater flexibility and potentially reduced costs for early settlement of loans.

Interest Rate Reduction

We engage in negotiations to lower interest rates on existing loans, a crucial step to assist borrowers facing financial challenges or to remain competitive in environments with varying interest rates. This approach not only eases the financial burden on borrowers but also helps maintain loan viability and stability over time.

Guaranty Relief

We provide services that involve altering or relaxing the initial guarantees or covenants in loan agreements. This may include reducing personal or corporate guarantees, or easing financial or operational covenants, thereby granting borrowers more flexibility and breathing space in challenging periods.

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