Commercial Real Estate loan restructurings

We specialize in restructuring commercial real estate loans.

Our expertise lies in adapting financial commitments between property owners and their lenders, within the complex and evolving landscape of commercial real estate finance. Owners often find themselves well-versed in property dealings but not as equipped in navigating the nuances of a loan restructuring.

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Loan Restructuring Services

Loan Modifications

We modify terms of commercial real estate loans to alleviate the financial burden on owners, responding to market shifts or financial distress. This includes negotiating new terms and facilitating property releases from loans upon fulfillment of repayment terms.

Interest Rate Negotiation

Negotiating lower interest rates on existing commercial loans is a critical part of our services, aiding owners who face financial challenges or are affected by changes in the interest rate landscape.

Guaranty / Covenant Relief

We assist in modifying or easing the guarantees and covenants in commercial real estate loan agreements, providing more flexibility to owners during challenging periods.

Maturity Extension

Extending the repayment period of commercial real estate loans is a key service we offer, providing vital breathing space for owners who struggle with refinancing or selling their properties before the original loan term ends.

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