Commercial Real Estate loan restructurings

We specialize in restructuring commercial real estate debt.

Clearwater Capital Advisors specializes in helping property owners adjust their financial obligations with current creditors. In the dynamic and complex field of capital markets, maneuvering through the intricacies of loan restructuring can be demanding. Despite being seasoned in the real estate sector, many property owners may lack the resources to handle loan restructuring processes efficiently.

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Loan Restructuring Services

Loan Modifications

Our services include revising existing mortgage agreements to offer borrowers relief, especially during financial distress or fluctuating property market values. We also assist in releasing properties from loan constraints once borrowers fulfill their payment duties or meet specific lender criteria.

Escrow Relief

We offer temporary solutions to borrowers for managing escrow obligations, particularly under financial strain or during market upheavals. These solutions may involve reducing, postponing, or forgoing certain escrow payments to aid property owners in better financial management under difficult circumstances.

Maturity Extension

We provide extensions to the original duration of loans, giving borrowers more time for repayment. This is especially beneficial in scenarios where refinancing or selling the property before the original loan maturity is challenging, helping to avert defaults and maintain positive lender-borrower relationships.

Prepayment Modification

Our services include alterations to the conditions under which a loan can be paid off early. Adjustments may include changes in prepayment penalties, lockout periods, or recalculating yield maintenance, thereby offering borrowers more flexibility or lower costs for early loan repayment.

Interest Rate Reduction

We negotiate reduced interest rates on existing loans, a measure often taken to support borrowers in financial hardship or to stay competitive in a fluctuating interest rate scenario.

Guaranty Relief

Our offerings include modifications or easing of the initial guarantees or covenants in the loan agreement. This could involve lessening personal or corporate guarantees, or relaxing financial or operational covenants, allowing borrowers greater leeway during tough times."

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