Commercial Real Estate DEBT & EQUITY

We arrange debt & equity for real estate developers, investors, and owners throughout the U.S.

Clearwater arranges Senior Debt and Subordinated Debt, including Mezzanine loans and Preferred Equity. Additionally, we place Joint-Venture and Limited Partner Equity. We specialize in raising capital for Land Loans, Construction Loans, Bridge Loans, Term Loans, and Stretch Senior / Whole Loans.

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First Mortgage Financing

Clearwater's Real Estate Debt Group specializes in arranging commercial real estate loans from banks, credit unions, and debt funds across all asset types and geographies up and down the capital structure to provide our clients with the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the debt capital markets.

Mezzanine/Preferred Equity

Clearwater sources subordinated financing for clients who seek to increase overall leverage, maximize returns, reduce risk, and generate liquidity. Mezzanine loans ("Mezz") are secured by a pledge of a partnership interest in the ownership equity. Preferred Equity ("Pref") is a gap funding product that typically includes an "equity kicker".

LP & Joint-Venture Equity

Clearwater maintains relationships with a proprietary network of institutional investors, including pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and family offices who seek to directly and passively invest in real estate as a Limited Partner (LP) or on a discretionary fund basis, efficiently enabling sponsors to acquire or reposition an asset.

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