We provide Real Estate Bridge Loans up to 85% Loan-to-Cost

Real estate bridge loans are a short-term commercial real estate financing option that can provide temporary financing to help sustain cash flow until the Sponsor can improve, refinance, lease-up, sell, or complete a commercial real estate property.

A commercial real estate bridge loan is a mortgage that “bridges” the gap between acquiring a property or expiration of a short-term loan and a more permanent mortgage. 

Borrowers often use this type of loan during the “stabilization” phase to ensure the property’s cash flow and debt obligations qualify for a permanent loan or refinance to repatriate equity. This type of financing is also known as gap funding.

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Our team of Clearwater Capital Advisors has executed deals ranging from $2 million to $1+ billion-dollar transactions on high-quality assets backed by top-quality sponsors. We have underwritten all property types in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, giving us a unique ability to place debt and equity with the proper capital source. The Clearwater team collectively brings a nuanced understanding of commercial real estate finance coupled with their well-established relationships in the capital markets to ensure every client is offered the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the debt market, regardless of deal size.

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